Stash Storage - Redefining the Storage Industry Disposable Vape
Stash Storage Vape Vapes

Stash Storage – Redefining the Storage Industry Disposable Vape

Stash Storage is redefining the storage industry with a new, modern and efficient model. Using a simple, client-friendly interface, clients can schedule a free pickup, upload their items and request return delivery from their own online portal.

To use Stash Live, you must provide a valid iThemes customer username and password. Please keep the Stash Live page open as it builds your initial Snapshot.

Free Pick-Up

Stash Storage picks up your items at your door, brings them to their climate controlled warehouse and digitally catalogs them. When you want an item back, you can easily find it in your online portal and have it delivered to you.

The company also offers HIPAA compliant medical records storage, storing physical copies of medical files that must be kept by doctors and hospitals for seven years or more. They are able to store these large medical records, which can take up retail space in offices, for much less than it costs to rent a small office storage unit.

Modern and efficient, Stash Storage is transforming the storage industry by eliminating the pain, time and exorbitant costs associated with traditional storage services. With free pick-ups, digitally cataloged photos of your belongings and a convenient online booking system, Stash Storage is making it easier than ever to store your things.

Online Booking

Stash is a modern and efficient service that saves clients time, pain, and exorbitant self storage fees. They provide free pick-ups, digitally catalog items, safely store them and bring them back to you on demand.

To use Stash, simply search for luggage storage spots on their map, book a spot, and show up with your booking confirmation. When you get to the StashPoint, show them your picture ID and the booking email on your phone to drop off your luggage for safekeeping.

Medical records, legal documents, and other files have to be stored for a long period of time. STASH provides a safe and secure solution that is HIPAA compliant. Easily manage all your legal files with the help of their expert team. They will organize, scan and upload your documents to their system.

Access to Your Items

Unlike dropping items on the ground, gold and inventory stored in Stash remains when exiting the game (though dropped items disappear within a few minutes or when logging out). Items can be moved freely from the inventory to the stash and vice versa. Stash storage has a slightly higher gold capacity than a player’s inventory.

Upon opening a Stash, it will contain a small number of low to medium level loot related to the region the player is currently in. Food items stored in a Stash will not decay unless the player is close to the storage container.

Medical records and legal documents are required by state laws to be kept for a minimum of 7 years. Rather than store these important and often irrelevant files in your office, let us keep them safe and secure for you with our document storage solutions.

Climate Control

Moisture damage is common for items stored in a regular storage unit, but climate control reduces this risk by keeping the air dry. This is especially important for delicate items like wooden furniture, electronics and artwork.

Electronics and media are susceptible to humidity damage, which can corrode internal components. Climate control also helps prevent mold and mildew from forming on clothing.

Storing wood furniture and other upholstered pieces isn’t ideal without climate control, as they can expand or warp when exposed to extreme heat or cold. And in some areas, temperature changes can cause water hoses to leak, resulting in permanent damage. Climate controlled units help protect these items by avoiding extreme temperatures and humidity levels.


We offer state-of-the-art security measures to protect your belongings. Our facility is monitored 24/7 by our trained staff and is equipped with advanced alarm systems, CCTV, and electronic access control. We take all measures necessary to prevent unauthorized entry and theft of your items, including a strict adherence to our own policies for secure storage of cannabis edibles and medications.

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